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To Love and Cherish
Laura Krayeski


    I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, yes, I am a bit biased. I spent the last 18 years making sure my two girls had everything thing they needed and all the love they could ever wish for. Being a mother is my most important role in life. 
I have always had a special interest in people and relationships, in fact, I have a bachelor's degree in pyschology and human services. My career choices have lent themselves specifically to helping people. 
Besides being a certified Connecticut Justice of the Peace, I also work with at risk youth within the juvenile justice system. 
My life-long friends could tell you that I am very compassionate, passionate, caring, funny, and loving. I treat everyone with kindness and respect.  
  I am centrally located in Connecticut and will travel state-wide to accomodate your location of choice for your special day.